Staff Application By StitcherPvP

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Staff Application By StitcherPvP

Post by StitcherPvP on Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:39 pm

IGN: StitcherPvP
Age: 14
Why you want to be Staff: I Want To Be Staff Because Im A Very Good One And I Love To Help Others As A Staff! I Also Want To Be Staff Because I've Been Staff On 3 Other Servers Before!
Being Staff Makes Me Excited And Feels Like Im The Owner.
What Rank: Head-Admin
Ways we can contact you: Skype, StitcherPvP,
Are you ok with downloading hamachi to get on the server:Yes, LOL I Litterally Just Downloaded It. On My Computer I Have Norton Safe Download And Browser And It Says Hamachi Is Safe.
What you can do better for our server:I Can Make The Shop Etc, The Region Stuff, The Kits, BTW Im Really Good At Kits

Adding To Details: I Can Be On 11:30AM - 9:00 PM
I Take Bans Very Serious And I Also Take Being Opped Serious. I Don't Guess Unless The Server Alert System Is Going Off. But I Notice Some Staffs Just Ban For No Reason LOL
BTW I've Never Been Banned On A Server, I Am Legit AF.

Thank You For Reading My Application!


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